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Is it Christmas ALREADY??!!

If the giant snowmen and and 10 ft. Christmas trees are already coming out you know we’re gettin close!  However, the reason it feels like Christmas for me these days is that I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to finally get some marketing tools for my voice-over career in my belt in order to attempt to find new clients and even more work!  Not only did I have the incredible chance to work with none other than Chuck Duran and Stacey Aswad from Demos that Rock! who also host the incredibly popular VO Buzz Weekly web series (which you should definitely check out!) featuring so many established incredible and up and coming talent in the voice over business!



If you haven’t heard my new commercial voice over demo yet feel free to have a listen!  Here it is:



I’m very excited to see what kind of attention this will garner, and where my career can elevate from here.  I’ve already seen first hand from my wife Amanda Sellers (fellow voice actor extraordinaire) go through the same process of getting a new demo with Chuck, then immediately after seeing here booking several new jobs without even needing a custom audition.


Reason #2 why it’s feeling like Christmas for me, as you can tell you’re reading this blog post on my brand new first ever website for my voice over career!


Sharp and to-the-point, allowing me to finally display what I’ve been up to, my demos, some clients I’ve worked with and some feedbacks!  So very grateful 🙂



So it may not be close to end of December at ALL yet, but I sure feel blessed with all these really cool things coming together.  May this be just the beginning of a new expansion in my career!


Thanks for stopping by 🙂